My Ex-Roommate is Afraid of Beach House

I feel like I talk about SIU quite often, possibly due to the monstrosity of a school that is Southern Illinois, or maybe because the institution guides their students to excellence. No…it’s definitely the first one.

During my time there I met a few individuals that have completely altered my perception of humanity forever. Here’s one of them:


Meet Jesse Keifer. This El Paso, Illinois native was far from anyone that I’ve ever met in my life. I’m talkin’ Hollister all the way down to his socks, Air Force 1’s, and pussy-shielding Axe cologne. I thought I’d only seen guys like this on Disney channel, but I guess I was wrong.

It was amazing to witness such an evolution of a human being. Although he never strayed away from his typical wardrobe and mannerisms, his lingo definitely expanded. After a full school year of hanging out with city-boys, Jesse eventually learned the difference between a blunt and a bowl, and began to use such terms as “fasho,” and “turn up.” I’m so proud of him.

However, one thing that will never change is his deep-rooted fear for Beach House’s “Lazuli” visual. It became ritual to get high in our dorms and watch videos on the internet for hours seeing as how there was never anything better to do. But as we all have come to learn living in Carbondale, Jesse cannot watch this. He describes it as “some crazy hippie shit.” Oh, you country folk…

*Hopefully he was never touched by a weird uncle named “Lazuli” growing up because then I would obviously feel bad.


2 Responses to “My Ex-Roommate is Afraid of Beach House”

  1. poetryinanemptycokecan Says:

    I went to a Beach House concert with a friend who wasn’t a fan of their music, and was talking so loudly during the show that we got yelled at multiple times! haha…

  2. Interesting vid. Pretty cool visual concept, but did I detect some Ghostbusters thievery? Not what I would’ve expected judging by Beach House’s music alone.

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