I Thought High School Was Over…

After four brutal years of beerless cliques, gossiping bitches, and sexually-separated get-togethers, I thought it was all behind me, but apparently not in Washington D.C.

Finding out that it was a house show, everyone was stoked as fuck. Obviously, when I think of a house show I envision hundreds of beer cans being shaken and sprayed about, sweaty women dancing around, and a dozen bloodthirsty men trying to rip my head off in a mosh pit. Despite what you may think thus far, the D.C. show definitely supplied all of the above, but simply the parental advised PG-13 version. Instead of hundreds of beer cans spraying around, one of the entire twelve beers at the venue fell on the floor and sprayed my leg. Instead of sweaty women dancing around, prissy sixteen-year-old girls stood still. And instead of a dozen bloodthirsty mosh pitmen, I was involved in a shoving party with two or three boys.


After the set, which in spite of everything I just mentioned went surprisingly well; I got my fake ID taken. I bet my mom will be happy. Apparently, everyone in town knows not to go to THIS liquor store, besides me. Thanks for the heads up guys.

The highlight of my day however, was this man: Image

No idea who he is but all he did was smile and take pictures; seems like a chill dude.

In case you haven’t already, peep Twin Peaks’ newly released music video to “Fast Eddie”

 *Oh, also: Shouts to Quinn and Luke for showing us around and shit, we ended up eating at that chili spot and it was flame. Gracias.


6 Responses to “I Thought High School Was Over…”

  1. szantos Says:

    you are an asshole.

  2. you are such a fucking dumb asshole

  3. officialjewelinc Says:

    interesting. i’d like to know why they’re referring to you as an asshole? honestly, you seem like a normal teenage boy that is weathering the unending horrible storm called high school. good luck getting another fake ID, bro.


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